Full Spectrum Knowledge Process Outsourcing

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You are provided with login details to access your own section of our secure client cloud storage (i.e. dropbox) or the client can provide access of their terminal to process the data. Whether it be questions about the document transfer process or any other part of our service, our dedicated support staff is on hand to assist you with any issues you may have.

It is in our best interest as well as yours to ensure we collect all relevant information at the commencement of the process. We therefore provide you with a comprehensive checklist and document templates for you to pass onto your trustee clients to ensure we can accomplish the work in the most efficient way possible.

2) PROCESS PERFORMED in 5-8 Working Days

Our SMSF compliance process is performed using our internal systems which have been developed using our vast experience and in accordance with the Australian SMSF (Accounting & Finance) industry.

Our commitment to our clients is that within 5-8 working days after the receipt of the information. We will either issue our completed reports or have raised queries by email to you.


Should there be any contentious issues we will outline our findings to you, including whether we believe a contravention is necessary or any other issue needs to be addressed. We work with you to ensure the issues are rectified, or a plan is in place to rectify the issues, before the lodgement. We will be able provide you with guidance in relation to the solutions and plans the ATO may find appropriate.

4) Why outsource to your SMSF Accounting & Audit to us?

Outsourcing to us can provide you with the following benefits:


Our specialised team of SMSF professional accountants work solely on SMSFs and have good working experience on SMSFs. We served accounting firms across Australia, who trusts us to do the accounting and audit compliance for thousands of SMSFs.

Let us partner with you to develop a systemic and customised SMSF process to take the hard work off your hands and help you be at peace, save time, money and concentrate more on your priority chores of business development and building & maintaining client relationship.

Our Approach to SMSF Services

It’s about Quality and Quick Turnaround…

We’ve adopted optimum practices enabling fast turnaround times while delivering industry best outcomes at all times!

Our SMSF team is set apart by the breadth and depth of their practical expertise.

It’s about Trust…

You maintain ownership of your client. We are your extended back office support. We are flexible with client engagement as the decision is up to you.

Specialise expertise

One of the main benefits our clients receive from using our services is the ability to leverage off our technical knowledge and practical experience. We are one of Australia’s ideal and result driven SMSF Back office solutions provider with knowledge gained from working in the SMSF industry for many years. Our capabilities are demonstrated by our senior team at all times. We actively encourage our clients to engage with us and address their queries as it is what we love doing.

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