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A successful relationship starts by making sure the key terms of the arrangement are agreed to and the expectations of both parties are clearly communicated.

Once engaged we will assign you a qualified accountant who will work with you to understand your business and clients with the goal of achieving an efficient SMSF Compliance & Audit process.

All our clients are encouraged to email and call us at any time free of charge for any technical queries they may have. We are one of Australia’s leading SMSF Back office Solutions provider with knowledge gained from working in the SMSF industry for more than 5+ years and so having the ability to leverage off our technical knowledge and practical experience is one of the main benefits our clients enjoy.

The outsourcing models of SNS KPO are unit based, full time equivalent based and a build, operate and transfer (BOT) model.

Unit Based Model

This model refers to a model where payment to SNS KPO is based on quantity of transactions that have been processed for the client. A baseline price will be set on the basis of complexity of transactions and billing will be charge on the volume of transactions processed per type of transaction.

Transaction Types

  • Simple Transactions
  • Moderate complexity transactions
  • Complex transactions

Benefit to the Client

  • SNS KPO directly linked payment to the output, which allows clients the flexibility to move the service volumes based on business cycles.
  • The client has to pay only for what they use, which reduces their financial burden
  • SNS KPO instigate a high level of transparency in transaction, this help them to continuously improve.

Full-time equivalent (FTE) based Model

In full time equivalent outsourcing model, the client pays for the supplier's input of resource, time and materials. SNS KPO connect agrees on a standard price per Full time equivalent, then billing is completed based on the number of FTEs deployed for the client.

Benefit to the Client

  • The price will be charged as per the expertise of the resources deployed, complexity of tasks performed, degree of domain experience.
  • This model is compatible and easy to implement with any type of organisation and any type of process.
  • The price will remain fixed even to a high degree of fluctuation.
  • The numbers of ftes deployed for the clients can be reduced by suppliers thereby giving a cost saving to the client.

Build, Operate and Transfer

The Build, Operate and Transfer solution offers an engagement model that allows clients to potentially own and operate their outsourcing centre to undertake the process in phases.

  • Build- SNS KPO sets up the outsourced team.
  • Operate- SNS KPO executes live projects and manages the outsourced team.
  • Transfer- SNS KPO transfers all resources to the client company.

Benefit to the Client Company.

  • Minimised management involvement: We ensure for timely and quality delivery for all management and operational issues.
  • Transferred team is an operational team: The concern of addressing training requirements is nil for the client as the outsourcing partner builds and operate the team.
  • Exit strategy: It provides a low to no investment exit option.

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